Aloha Everyone!


Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day. I know to most people its just another excuse to have a BBQ. My family comes from a military background so for me its all about giving thanks to the people who fought for the things we have. I have a lot of respect for the military and their family.


In order to get in the Military spirit I have decided to do Military’s best 20 min Workout. I most likely won’t be able to do it in 20 minutes, BUT I am going to try my best. I’ll let you all know how it went afterwards.


Update: I would never be able to join the Military! I kind of already knew this, but just in case I had any doubts what-so-ever this workout clarified it for me. Everyone who knows me (okay, not everyone, but a lot) knows I cannot do a push-up to save my life. One day my husband thought I must be full of it and tried to teach me. My body at least at this weight does not like push-ups.


For this exercise I did girl push-ups and even that was hard for me. The crunches weren’t too bad. I saw the spartan run and was like OH HELL NO! hehe. All in all I wasn’t very good, but at least I tried.