I think I have been living on an island because I honestly had no idea what mason jar meals were. Okay, I do live on an island, but I still can’t believe how I did not know about this. I am trying to eat healthier now (try being the key word in this sentence) and this will make it so much easier for me. Hey! If I only have to do things once a week instead of 7 times a week this is a big plus in my book.

I first heard about this from a little old lady I was helping grab mason jars off the top shelf at Target. After grabbing a few boxers for her she explained what she was planning on doing. I instantly thought this was a pretty good idea and figured I would have to do a little more research before doing this myself.  I decided to turn to Google to see what I could find. I found out you can make more meals than just salad too!  I can’t wait to try the pasta and the pink lemonade ones.

It is Day 2 of me eating the mason jar meals and everything is still crisp and delicious. In case you are also living on and island the key is to have the dressing on the bottom, veggies next, meat and cheese after and lettuce at the top so it doesn’t wilt from touching the dressing. When you are ready to eat just shake up the jar and viola!  I ate it out of the jar because I didn’t want to waste a plate, but my dad put it on a plate. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way.