I recently downloaded Water Your Body from GooglePlay and I love it. It is a free app. Why do I enjoy this app? Well, I can not only keep track of how much water I drink but it also reminds me to so. I get so wrapped up in whatever I am doing at the time that sometimes I forget to drink water. Even when my xoom is sleeping I can hear the running water sounds to remind me I need to drink water.

Pros to this app

  • Bold, colors are vibrant
  • Easy to use
  • Pouring Water Reminder alarm
  • different sizes of water intake
  • Keeps track of how much you drank


  • I’d love to be able to manually enter a different amount of water I drank that isn’t in the predetermined list

For anyone who has trouble remembering to drink your water I would definitely recommend this.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or given anything free to review this app. I wrote this because I honestly liked the product and wanted to share.