(I had this in my desktop folder for a long time. I tried to find the owner of it on google, but too many websites were claiming it. If this is yours please let me know so I can credit you.)

If you really think about it, fruits are fast food. If you do not want to you do not have to prepare them. I told my husband, last week that for the July I will be giving up fast food. This will definitely be helping our bank account and my waist. What I liked about fast food is its convenient and it doesn’t take long to get it. What is bad about fast food is even the healthiest foods in there aren’t very healthy.

Lately I have been looking into some new recipes that doesn’t take Chef Ramsey’s skill to make it and are healthy. The recipes I am most looking forward to trying is Parmesan Mashed Cauliflower and Slow Cooked Beef and Mango Quesadillas. When I make them I will share them with you so that you know what I am talking about.

What are some of your recipes you are looking forward to try? Do you have any recipes that are healthy that you think I should try?