I joined this 65 day challenge. I am really excited about it. This week’s challenge is water. We have to aim for a gallon a day. Wow, a gallon. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? That is 16 – 8oz  glasses of water or 4 of my World of Warcraft cups. I tried to look up how much water to drink per day. I read that you need to drink half your weight in ounces. so basically that would be 268/2 = 138 ounces. That is more than a gallon.

I always hear random stories of frat hazing of drinking too much water at once and the people die. Obviously, I won’t be drinking the whole gallon of water in one sitting. I am curious how much can you safely drink in an hour. Anyone know what this is? I’d love to find out.

Monday Stats:

Weight: 268

Right thigh 30.5
Left thigh 31
right arm 15in
left arm 15.5
waist 44in
hips 53in
chest 43