Owwy.  Did Ab intervals yesterday and lower focus today. My abs hurt. They have been hurting ever since I finished my workout today. After talking with my husband I figured I might want to stretch before doing these workouts so that I can be sure I do not hurt myself. They do stretching afterwards, but no warm-up before. Tomorrow is my rest day which I am totally looking foreword to. I really think my body needs it.

For this week challenge of eating every 3-4hrs I decided to write down the times of everytime it was time to eat what I should be eating. To make sure I stay on track I would put a check mark if I ate on time. Lucky for me that made things really easy to do.

My son is really into chicken nuggets. I have been wanting to find a healthy recipe and have not had any luck until tonight! Tomorrow I plan to buy the ingredients and share the recipe with you. Cross your fingers that it will go over well with him.

Any healthy recipes or ingredient swaps you are trying this week?