Yesterday was my son’s birthday. The day that I gave birth to him was the best day of my life. He makes me laugh. I know all parents say this, but he is the most generous and appreciative kid I know.  We had his birthday at my grandparent’s house. 10 kids and 15 adults. Wow.  It was crazy! I don’t think I had a real minute to sit down and socialize. Next time! I told my husband it was fun, our son enjoyed it, but next time I think it might be easier to have two of his friends over for fun factory or the movies.

The party was Dinosaur themed.  There wasn’t too many healthy options because it was hard to find dinosaur shaped items. I did make sure what I ate myself was healthy and only had a bite of cake. All in all I am proud of myself.


I haven’t posted recently and I feel bad for it. I will make sure to post more often.  Talk with all of you lovelies tomorrow!