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I am excited to say I went down another 3 lbs this week.  -Takes a bow-  The Beta T25 workouts were awesome. I really love working out from home. No excuses about why I can’t workout because I have everything I need right here. My free fitness accountability group seems to be growing and going great. Everyone is posting which makes me happy. I love helping and seeing every one want to get healthy!

How did everyone’s week go?
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I just finished week 2 of T25. I absolutely love it so far. I do have to modify a lot of the moves, not all. My husband had asked me how does it compare to insanity. Insanity was insane and that’s why I didn’t finish it. I will, but at the time my body was not ready for that at all.

This week I lost a total of 6 lbs! Oh yeah baby!

Last week: 270.8

This week: 264.8


-Takes a bow-


Unfortunately yesterday I didn’t work out because I got  sick (I think I caught a head cold) and wanted to die.

I can’t wait to start week 3 and see what results I get.

How did your week go?

I used to go to the gym when I lived closer to it. My friends would always ask me what I brought with me in my bag. I like to be prepared for anything.

  1. Lock – I wanted to make sure that my stuff would still be there when I was done with working out.
  2. My Phone – I didn’t use it while I was there, but brought it just in case my husband needed to get a hold of me
  3. Flip Flops / slippahs (Hawaii) – This is needed if you wanted to go in the Sauna (if your gym has one) or take a shower.
  4. I-touch – for music
  5. Towel (2) One hand towel one regular. I hate that people don’t wipe off their own sweat off the machines.  I find it disgusting.
  6. Water bottles – need to keep hydrated
  7. Change of clothes – I changed at home but you never know if your pants rip or something happens and you need to change there. Don’t want to go home just to grab clothes.
  8. Hand sanitizer – tons of people use those machines, People sneezed, touched, sweated,scratched etc without washing their hands properly before and after using the machines
  9. Pepper Spray / blow horn – I went to the gym at night, most of the time by myself. Where the gym is wasn’t well lit and not many people around.


I hope you enjoyed my gym list. Hope it helps anyone who was curious what to put in your gym bag.


Owwy.  Did Ab intervals yesterday and lower focus today. My abs hurt. They have been hurting ever since I finished my workout today. After talking with my husband I figured I might want to stretch before doing these workouts so that I can be sure I do not hurt myself. They do stretching afterwards, but no warm-up before. Tomorrow is my rest day which I am totally looking foreword to. I really think my body needs it.

For this week challenge of eating every 3-4hrs I decided to write down the times of everytime it was time to eat what I should be eating. To make sure I stay on track I would put a check mark if I ate on time. Lucky for me that made things really easy to do.

My son is really into chicken nuggets. I have been wanting to find a healthy recipe and have not had any luck until tonight! Tomorrow I plan to buy the ingredients and share the recipe with you. Cross your fingers that it will go over well with him.

Any healthy recipes or ingredient swaps you are trying this week?

Aloha Everyone!


Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day. I know to most people its just another excuse to have a BBQ. My family comes from a military background so for me its all about giving thanks to the people who fought for the things we have. I have a lot of respect for the military and their family.


In order to get in the Military spirit I have decided to do Military’s best 20 min Workout. I most likely won’t be able to do it in 20 minutes, BUT I am going to try my best. I’ll let you all know how it went afterwards.


Update: I would never be able to join the Military! I kind of already knew this, but just in case I had any doubts what-so-ever this workout clarified it for me. Everyone who knows me (okay, not everyone, but a lot) knows I cannot do a push-up to save my life. One day my husband thought I must be full of it and tried to teach me. My body at least at this weight does not like push-ups.


For this exercise I did girl push-ups and even that was hard for me. The crunches weren’t too bad. I saw the spartan run and was like OH HELL NO! hehe. All in all I wasn’t very good, but at least I tried.