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I am excited to say I went down another 3 lbs this week.  -Takes a bow-  The Beta T25 workouts were awesome. I really love working out from home. No excuses about why I can’t workout because I have everything I need right here. My free fitness accountability group seems to be growing and going great. Everyone is posting which makes me happy. I love helping and seeing every one want to get healthy!

How did everyone’s week go?
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Owwy.  Did Ab intervals yesterday and lower focus today. My abs hurt. They have been hurting ever since I finished my workout today. After talking with my husband I figured I might want to stretch before doing these workouts so that I can be sure I do not hurt myself. They do stretching afterwards, but no warm-up before. Tomorrow is my rest day which I am totally looking foreword to. I really think my body needs it.

For this week challenge of eating every 3-4hrs I decided to write down the times of everytime it was time to eat what I should be eating. To make sure I stay on track I would put a check mark if I ate on time. Lucky for me that made things really easy to do.

My son is really into chicken nuggets. I have been wanting to find a healthy recipe and have not had any luck until tonight! Tomorrow I plan to buy the ingredients and share the recipe with you. Cross your fingers that it will go over well with him.

Any healthy recipes or ingredient swaps you are trying this week?


Day two and Day three of T focus 25 finished. Yesterday’s workout my son did with me. Today I did it while he was having his breakfast. He was a little upset that he could not “help me” and made me promise to let him workout with me tomorrow. Today’s workout was total body workout. I notice I had to do a lot of the modified version. That did not bother me since I know I will be able to better myself every single day. I am a work in progress.

This week’s challenge is for me to eat every 2-3 hours. I know what some of you think. I wonder if that girl is eating whole meals every three hours. Uh. No…. three meals a day and small snacks. I tried the tropical strawberry shakeology this morning with coconut milk and it taste a lot better. Thanks to the girls on Facebook for suggesting it to me. I will be sure to update you when I try it with the almond milk. There is also a recipe calendar with different ingredients you can put in it. I had no idea that my son robbed it and had it in his room. Little guy must of taken it whiles I was looking at the other stuff from the box.

What workout are you doing?