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I used to go to the gym when I lived closer to it. My friends would always ask me what I brought with me in my bag. I like to be prepared for anything.

  1. Lock – I wanted to make sure that my stuff would still be there when I was done with working out.
  2. My Phone – I didn’t use it while I was there, but brought it just in case my husband needed to get a hold of me
  3. Flip Flops / slippahs (Hawaii) – This is needed if you wanted to go in the Sauna (if your gym has one) or take a shower.
  4. I-touch – for music
  5. Towel (2) One hand towel one regular. I hate that people don’t wipe off their own sweat off the machines.  I find it disgusting.
  6. Water bottles – need to keep hydrated
  7. Change of clothes – I changed at home but you never know if your pants rip or something happens and you need to change there. Don’t want to go home just to grab clothes.
  8. Hand sanitizer – tons of people use those machines, People sneezed, touched, sweated,scratched etc without washing their hands properly before and after using the machines
  9. Pepper Spray / blow horn – I went to the gym at night, most of the time by myself. Where the gym is wasn’t well lit and not many people around.


I hope you enjoyed my gym list. Hope it helps anyone who was curious what to put in your gym bag.